We Are Switching Some Things Up!

One thing that hasn’t changed: we are so very excited to offer you clean, superb produce this season.

We believe that the farm to table experience is for everyone. Clean food should never be hard to find, and we strive to make our relationship with the Earth as flexible and sustainable as Nature itself.

After much consideration, we have decided to limit the number of shares we are offering and instead focus on selling our products through a weekly email.

To sign up, simply email us at bfleurorganics@gmail.com and say something like “I WANT VEGGIES”.

This will secure your place on “THE LIST”, meaning that until you tell us to stop, we will notify you once a week of what we have ready.

We will release an email every Sunday with a list of everything we have for sale that week, including prices and descriptions. If you want to place an order, all you have to do is respond to our email by the end of Wednesday night.

We will respond with your total and a confirmation email to verify what we are reserving in your name. Orders will be reserved in the order they are received.

For now, all produce orders are to be picked up at Synergy Holistic Wellness Spa on Broad Street in Murfreesboro, TN on Thursdays from 4:30 to 7:30.

We will add other pick up days and times if this becomes necessary to the convenience of our customers.

Payments may be made in advance via Venmo, or upon pick up via cash, check, or Venmo.

What is a CSA, and why does it matter?

Community Supported Agriculture is the single most secure food system available in these tumultuous times. It functions when people like you choose to put money normally spent at corporate grocery stores into farms like ours, where we thrive on producing vibrant and healthful foods for our families, friends, and community at large.

Community Supported Agriculture eliminates the need for long distance transportation of produce, lessening environmental impacts and ensuring your food is always accessible.

Since we don’t have to worry about our vegetables surviving a journey across the country in the back of a semi truck, we can focus on growing heirloom varieties that are selected for their flavor–not their toughness–a tasty win-win for all.

Our main CSA season will run from May 19th to October 15th. The purchase of a full share guarantees you a handpicked selection of our produce every week of the 22 week season.

Click on the “Join Our Farm” tab for more information, or reach out to us at bfleurorganics@gmail.com with any questions.

Clean, lovingly-grown produce is delicious, and so is food security!

Fall is in the air!

The fall crops are doing great during this mild fall season. Cabbages, broccoli, greens, and root crops have all been delicious.

We are now accepting shareholders for the 2021 season. More updates to come!

Organic Weekly Box CSA Mid-June

box of veggies
Rainbow chard, tender salad mix, Russian kale, ruby beets, and lettuce leaf basil

How we’re enjoying it this week:

Roasted Beets

Ingredients Cook Time Oven Temperature
Fresh beets 1 hour 400°f
  1. Preheat oven to 400°f
  2. Slice beets into 1/4in slices
  3. Toss in oil of choice with a generous pinch of kosher salt
  4. Roast in oven for 1 hour, flipping half way through
  5. Enjoy with our fresh salad mix!