What is a CSA, and why does it matter?

Community Supported Agriculture is the single most secure food system available in these tumultuous times. It functions when people like you choose to put money normally spent at corporate grocery stores into farms like ours, where we thrive on producing vibrant and healthful foods for our families, friends, and community at large.

Community Supported Agriculture eliminates the need for long distance transportation of produce, lessening environmental impacts and ensuring your food is always accessible.

Since we don’t have to worry about our vegetables surviving a journey across the country in the back of a semi truck, we can focus on growing heirloom varieties that are selected for their flavor–not their toughness–a tasty win-win for all.

Our main CSA season will run from May 19th to October 15th. The purchase of a full share guarantees you a handpicked selection of our produce every week of the 22 week season.

Click on the “Join Our Farm” tab for more information, or reach out to us at bfleurorganics@gmail.com with any questions.

Clean, lovingly-grown produce is delicious, and so is food security!

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