Who We Are

This small, family farm in Bell Buckle, TN has been operated in one capacity or another since the Legrain family moved here from Normandy, France in the 1970’s. The third generation of farmers on this land have spent years working in restaurants and have a sincere love of food and culinary traditions, both Northern French and Southern Appalachian among many others.

Belle Fleur Farm was officially started in March of 2020 as the pandemic revealed the true fragility of our current food systems, out of a desire for security, quality, and change.

The only thing more important than the taste and vigor of our produce here at Belle Fleur is making sure that our practices do not harm the Earth or further our current agricultural crisis. As such, we employ tactics like crop diversity, minimal tilling, cover crops, and beneficial insects to create a balanced growing environment that never requires the use of chemical inputs.

We are dedicated to sourcing as much recycled, reusable, and biodegradable packaging for our goods as possible.


When we use “bellefleurorganics.com” as our web address, we mean that we are focused on the crucial role that the carbon cycle plays in the health of our soil, food, and world.

Equally important in growing food is growing the organic material in the soil. We are not a certified organic farm, but we strictly adhere to the following values:

-none of our crops are ever touched with chemical pesticides or fertilizing agents

-irrigation is done entirely via rain or well water

-regenerative farming practices are key to a successful harvest

-we are growing and handpicking food for our family’s table alongside yours

-we never source from other farms

-simple is almost always best

We provide a range of quality seasonal vegetables, herbs, and fruits to individuals, families, and restaurants.

Please feel free to email us at bfleurorganics@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding custom orders or wholesale accounts.

We genuinely love what we do, and believe you’ll be able to see and taste what makes our produce stand out.