Vital Resources

and recommended reading!

Here at Belle Fleur, we know that knowledge is power, and Earth wisdom is a shared human experience. We are here to learn and grow, sustainably and lovingly. Aside from several grower’s groups, the vast data of the internet, and real-life day-to-day experience that shape our journey, we also regularly consult reading materials from experts with decades of experience.

If you are interested in:

  • how we grow or what we believe
  • the positive impact of ethical and regenerative farming
  • learning more about your ability to grow your own food
  • caring for this amazing LIVING planet we call home

Please ask us and/or consult the following texts:

Bane, Peter. The Permaculture Handbook. New Society Publishers, 2012.

Gerrish, Jim. Kick the Hay Habit. Green Park Press, 2010.

Jeavons, John. How to Grow More Vegetables*, 9th edition. Ten Speed Press, 2017.

Judy, Greg. Comeback Farms: Rejuvenating Soils, Pastures and Profits with Livestock Grazing Management. Green Park Press, 2008.

Judy, Greg. No Risk Ranching: Custom Grazing on Leased Land. Green Park Press, 2019.

McKibben, William. The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients. Acres U.S.A., 2012.

and primarily…

O’Hara, Bryan. No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture: Pesticide-Free Methods for Restoring Soil and Growing Nutrient-Rich, High-Yielding Crops. Chelsea Green Publishing, 2020.

If you’re looking for a crash course in the potential of regenerative farming, we highly recommend the documentary Kiss the Ground. It is available online or on Netflix, and narrated by the charismatic–albeit problematic–Woody Harrelson.